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1-on-1 Sessions

If you are seeking to create a life, relationship or business that is one of flow instead of struggle these sessions are for you.

You may be feeling:

  • Stressed and overwhelmed
  • Burnt Out
  • Stuck and full of fear and self-doubt about how to move forward
  • Confusion about your life’s direction and the path to follow
  • Inadequate and suffering a whole lot of ‘comparisonitis’
  • Disconnected and disengaged with your life

Kinesiology offers you the opportunity to create balance within all aspects of your SELF, align with your life or business goals, step into your highest power and beautifully flow in all aspects of your life.

Kinesiology is a powerful energetic healing modality that involves muscle testing to stimulate your body’s innate healing ability and allow your subconscious and Soul stresses to come to the surface.

In other words, I have the ability to read what is going on in your body. As I test your muscles, your body talks to me enabling me to identify exactly what your body, mind and Soul requires in order to release energetic blocks…thereby helping you to move towards, freedom and flow, ease and grace, peace and calm, joy and Light!

You know that place that you cannot image finding….it does exist and I can help you find it!

What do 1-on-1 Sessions Involve?

First: we chat!

But it’s much more than a chat….it is where the alignment begins and is vital to the set up for the whole session. We deeply explore what is going on for you, what are the main issues and where you are struggling. The depth of questioning is intuitively guided and there is often a decent dose of intuitive guidance thrown in if needed!

We pull together all the information discussed to set an intention for the session and define really clear goals for the session. It is something of an art to perfectly define that goal/s as the whole session is then focused on bringing you into alignment with this goal/s.

Next we start to find and release blocks being held within the energetic body – primarily emotional blocks from present or the past (including ancestral and past life energy). This will often include reversing sabotage programs or beliefs that are limiting your ability to move forward and brining you into alignment with your goal.

A wide variety of techniques are used to release the blocks including stimulating acupressure points, releasing muscles, essential oils, crystals, visualization, tapping (EFT).

Prior to finishing your session, we will recheck alignment with your goal, recheck pre-session stressors are balanced and then determine what you need to do after your treatment to further integrate the energetic changes that we have made and hold you in alignment with your goal.

Is Kinesiology with me for YOU?

I work with people who are ready to change and committed to “doing their work”…ie. what it takes outside of our sessions to create that changes that you are seeking.

Healing and growth is not always easy. It is not always gently gently and smelling roses. Truth be told, sometimes it is really uncomfortable, really confronting, really hard work.

The results are so worth it, but you have to be ready to dig deep!

Are you ready to:

  • Declutter old emotions
  • Reverse limiting beliefs (those deeply hidden sabotages)
  • Align to your goals and dreams
  • Release the struggle and move into flow
  • Let go of fear, anxiety, inadequacy, self-doubt
  • Build clarity and confidence in creating your dream life
  • Increase your energy and zest for life
  • Step into your power and open yourself to abundance
  • Reclaim YOU, return to your truth and reconnect to your true SELF
  • Transform your health, your relationships, your life and your business


Most of all I am passionate about guiding you into greater self-awareness and aligning you with your truth. Because when we are in our truth, we are in harmony, we flow with ease and grace, we are lighter and we shine so much brighter – and that’s a good thing for the world….and you!


  • Bernadette is one of the most Intuitively Gifted women I have ever met.

    Her ability to see what you may have missed and trust that which you haven't seen is a gift rarely seen in a lifetime. From personal turmoil to celebrating triumphs, Bernadette is my GO-TO healer to help gain clarity, confidence and peace of mind, and I know this year wouldn't have been the same without her guidance.

    I will forever be grateful, and this woman will always be a part of my support team.

    Katie Dean, Mindset & Motivation Maven, Your Wild Life
  • Bernadette is a treasure. I go to Bernadette’s sessions with a list of things to work through and she works through them and manages to connect them together to determine what the focus of the session will be.
    I have transformed through visiting Bernadette and I love knowing that when I feel I have come to a roadblock in my life I can book a session and have Bernadette help navigate through this.
    I know of many others who also sing her praises for the positive impact she has had on their lives and their children’s lives through her sessions.
    I strongly recommend a visit to Bernadette who loves her career as a Kinesiologist passionately.

    Monica, Lake Macquarie
  • I choose to work with Bernadette, because it is a gift to myself. Bernadette somehow allows the true me, the authentic me to come out. She does this by allowing my energy to flow freely and frees me from the perception others have of me, as well as how I perceive myself to be. Bernadette helps me to break free from anyone and anything that is standing in the way of being my true self and with this, I allow myself to find my true happiness.

  • I remember going into my first session with Bernadette feeling tired, stressed and so frustrated with myself. I knew I had stuff going on but I just couldn’t figure it out on my own. It’s been such a relief to realise that I don’t have to do it alone: Bernadette takes everything I unload and makes sense of it. What I love most is how understanding and accepting she is. Her peaceful consulting room is definitely a judgement-free zone. I walk out feeling lighter, brighter and back to my normal self. I really look forward to our sessions: they bring me so much relief, clarity and peace.

    Katie Ryan, Fertility Mentor
  • I don't know how you do it.. but you do. When we first met I was completely and utterly broken after having 2 stillborn babies. I could not ever imagine being happy again or having hope. But whatever it is you do, I know it works. I feel completely different to what I did 9 months ago when we met and I felt differently even after our first 3 sessions. You have a beautiful & nurturing energy about you, hence my whole family now seeing you, including my young daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing you have helped us with. I look forward to having you help us in the future and am so grateful to have met you.

    Tenille, Central Coast NSW
  • I started seeing Bernadette to help deal with my grief after my niece passed away. Instead of being lost in the shock, the loss and the overwhelming 'why?' Bernadette helped me identify the emotions, the feelings and the events that I was struggling the most with and help me to start to heal.
    It didn't take long for me to realise that along with my grief I was harbouring a lot of issues from past life experiences and situations that I had pushed aside and never 'dealt' with. These were impacting on my daily life and my ability to heal on so many levels.
    I have worked very closely with Bernadette and having to finally face my 'baggage' has not been an easy experience, but it has been an experience full of healing, amazing growth and life changing moments. I had buried memories and feelings of so many events and experiences in my life that I didn't want to deal with, that I thought I didn't have to deal with and I honestly thought I could 'live' without ever having to deal with them.
    I have since realised that I could have existed for the rest of my life with these energetic blockages but in order to live the life I was put on this earth to live I needed to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-healing and personal growth. I could never have done this without Bernadette and Kinesiology.
    I am not the same person I was a year ago, and for that I am truly thankful. I will always have more work to do on myself but I am now able to face my fears, express my emotions and acknowledge my life lessons in a way I could never do. It has been a journey back to my true self and I can honestly say that working with Bernadette has been and will continue to be life changing.

    Kylie, Newcastle

Skype Sessions

For those of you who are unable to attend an in-person session, our sessions will be held via Skype (or Facetime). These sessions, run exactly the same way as in-person sessions, and with your permission, I ‘surrogate’ for your energy, meaning I muscle test on myself on behalf of you.

I’m frequently asked, how does it work like this? And without explaining the metaphysics involved, I am simply able to connect to your energy, as energy has no boundary, it is limitless and thus, no matter where you are in the world, I am able to access your energy.

My first Kinesiology session over Skype a number of years ago, blew me away with its power and the ability to tap into emotions and childhood memories that brought the client to tears and had one of the most profound results post-session for my client that I have heard of.

I love the level of connectedness that I experience with my clients when we work via Skype, as they are so open to the experience and so trusting in me as a Kinesiologist. My Skype clients consistently get the same insights, awareness’s, aha moments, and most importantly – they get the same results – as if we were working together in person. Those who have worked with me in-person and via Skype (when they are travelling) report no difference in the experience.


  • When a friend recommended I work with Bernadette, I was excited. I had been working on myself and my "fears" for most of my adult life and whilst I had made a great deal of progress, there was still something holding me back. Bernadette was able to identify the blockage and clear it quickly and permanently. Bernadette is amazing. She has unique skills, talents and abilities that together with her curious and caring nature ensure you get to the bottom of whatever is holding you back and clear it. With Bernadette’s' help I am able to move forward powerfully and confidently with a full understanding of my purpose and mission for this lifetime.
    And the best bit is, as I travel around the United States for business and pleasure, I am able to continuing working with Bernadette via Skype regardless of where I am. Our sessions are equally as insightful and transformational via Skype as they are in person.

    Shirley Dalton, TV and Radio Show Host, Best Selling Author, Speaker
  • My sessions with Bernadette began over 4 years ago now, and I am truly thankful for each experience we shared. We began working together doing face to face sessions, yet for the last 3 years our sessions have been via Skype and to be honest, there really is no difference in the experience or the outcome of these sessions. Bernadette’s ability to tune into what is going on via Skype is amazing!

    Bernadette takes the time to explain the entire process and has an incredibly caring nature where you feel like you have known each other for many years. A lot of the sessions result in confronting situations, and for good reason, emotions that have been suppressed for many years come to the surface. I’m still perplexed each day as to how she manages to get to these deep seeded issues that I didn’t even know were there however she does and in the most thoughtful and comforting manner. Her ability to talk to your body better than you do, is astounding.

    I now realise I cannot be at my best potential until I see Bernadette to work through what I don’t know is there!

    Dee Curtis, Brisbane

Babies, Children and Teens

Working with babies, children and teens is no different to any other Kinesiology session. For babies and children who are too young for me to muscle test directly on them, I set up a ‘surrogate’, usually the mother or father, who I will then muscle test on behalf of the little one. Typically, the little one will lie on the treatment table with the surrogate and corrections are done directly on the baby / child.

Kinesiology with babies, children and teens is very powerful, as often their energy bodies will very quickly integrate the changes. I have worked with hundreds of little people and young adults, from 3 week old babies right through to those in later years of high school.

Presenting issues range from unsettled irritable ‘colicky’ babies, behavioral challenges including anger, irritability, tantrums, as well as issues with sensory processing ie. sensitivity to noise, touch, light. In addition, I work with many children and teens experiencing anxiety, self-esteem / image, social and academic confidence, sociability and adaptability to change.

Many of the babies, children and teens that I am privileged to work with experience what I have termed ‘energetic sensitivity’. And how this presents can look like many of the issues mentioned previously, as well as many others.

The most important aspect of the session for me, is in teaching the parents and child about their energetic body. In understanding how it works and how best to nurture it so that it remains, clean, strong and resilient, parents are in a better position to support their child in navigating life and children are able to understand the importance of self-care from a very early age and that which creates disharmony within the energetic body for them, will result in the struggles that they are experiencing in life.

Seeing babies, children and teens who are struggling with life at such a young age is one of my strongest motivators in my work. If little people are able to understand and manage their energetic body from a young age, then they are able to ground themselves which provides a strong foundation for aligning with acceptance of self, feelings of enoughness and the courage to step forward into their future with self-confidence and a strong connection to their truth.

The world needs these extraordinary young people to know how to BE in their truth!


  • Having children was everything I ever wanted. I am lucky enough to have two beautiful girls but with being a mother comes stress, worry and sometimes it feels completely overwhelming.
    I first went to Bernadette because my eldest daughter was sick ALL winter when she was 15 months old and I felt like she would never be well. After our visit, I felt closer to my daughter and I really felt like I understood her and her needs better. Not only did it enlighten me in ways I didn't think were possible, she became well and remained well for 9 months which included starting daycare! It was amazing to watch her be around sick kids and not get sick herself!
    My second visit was for me to help me feel more calm and less panicked about having my second child. This session helped me to know what to say to my eldest to make her feel loved and important and it brought me a huge sense of calm, which has allowed me to enjoy the arrival of my little baby much more than I did the first time!
    The third time was for my little bubba who would not settle. Literally would be awake ALL night every night and I was beyond sleep deprived! Bernadette turned my life around in the most positive way. It took a couple of days but following the instructions we were given, we changed the worst sleeper ever to the perfect settled baby. She didn't recommend any of the usual techniques for settling babies but she picked up on things that bubba needed that I had no way of knowing.
    I would recommend seeing Bernadette to any new mum whether you have a problem or not, because she takes the weight of the world off your shoulders and allows you to understand your children and to help you to enjoy having children. She has been an angel sent from heaven and I am grateful to have met her everyday!

    Courtney, Newcastle
  • Having been to see Kinesiologist in the past, I had an idea of what to expect and hoped that Bernadette would be able to help my family. However, I was blown away by just how helpful and successful our visits were and the positive changes she would have on us.

    I initially took my 9 month old daughter to see Bernadette, seeking help for trouble sleeping at night. As a result of the success with Charlotte, I then asked for help with my 9-year-old daughter, as well as myself. Bernadette is a beautiful person who creates a caring, non-judgmental environment, making you feel safe and understood.

    Both of my daughters were comfortable with her - my baby was able to climb over me, play with Bernadette's necklace and even have a breast feed while Bernadette continued the treatment. My eldest daughter quickly became relaxed, at ease and happy to open up to Bernadette to allow the treatment to take place. Bernadette has made a big difference to our family - and with 2 other children yet to see her I think there are more positive changes ahead.

    Jacinta, Newcastle
  • My 16-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with severe anxiety and was in the depths of despair and losing herself.

    There was a time when I never thought I’d see her smile again, never see her delight in the joys of life and remain ever trapped in her torture.

    Then the universe brought us to Bernadette, a woman so amazing, speaking her truth and bringing miracles to people’s lives. Shining her light, her kindness, her compassion, her wisdom and empowering others to realise their full potential and ‘wake up’ and connect with their higher self. My daughter’s transformation is profound. Her heart is open, her vibration grows stronger every day, her light is shining again…..a light so bright that she is an inspiration to me as her mother and all those around her. She is connected to herself again, our relationship is connected, abundant and full of so much love!

    Be open, be willing, be accepting and the universe will allow.

    Thank you so much Bernadette for the simply amazing work you do. Our lives are so enriched by you every day.

    Emma, Newcastle
  • I don’t know anyone else who is living and working as authentically as Bernadette. Bernadette makes me feel like she truly wants to help me overcome whatever obstacles are holding me back from becoming the best ‘ME’ I am meant to be. When working with my daughter, Bernadette validated her and made her feel that it is OK to be who she is, when for the longest time she had been so scared to allow her authentic self to be seen. I truly believe that Bernadette stopped my daughter from heading down a dark road and turned her around and left her believing that who she was, was perfectly OK. I am forever grateful for her helping me and my family.

    Christina, Sydney

Business Alignment Sessions

I work with many people who are experiencing challenges in business, many of whom have their own business, others who work for other people. In these sessions, I am able to work with you to bring you into alignment with your business goals. Allowing you to move your business forward, step into the vision you have for your business, attract clients – specifically your ideal clients, assist you in overcoming your money blocks (that’s always a biggy!), get your creative energy flowing, align you with clarity for the direction of your business and break through your fears around success, being visible., speaking your truth and letting go and trusting!

These sessions combine the core of kinesiology, identifying and clearing blocks, balancing your energy and aligning you to your goals, as well as tapping into the intuitive guidance I receive to coach and support you in making your personal and business dreams a reality – because often times they overlap!

What’s going on with you personally will energetically impact on your business, so working on yourself is fundamental to the success of your business!


  • I LOVE working with Bernadette- amazing things ALWAYS happen!

    Connections are made, friendships are formed, blocks are shifted, purposes arerealised, visions are formulated, action is taken, transformations happen andinspiration flows!

    Bernadette has an instinctive ability to know what everyone needs at that point in time to move forward. Even when working a group of people, everyone is included and has a sense of belonging, that they are important and what they do really matters - that is a rare gift!

    My favourite thing about working with Bernadette is how intuitive, focused and honest she is. And for me - I had been struggling for weeks and weeks with a task, that I knew once done would propel me to the next level, but still couldn’t make it happen - after working with Bernadette, I was able to power through it in 15 minutes! I’ve been able to get crystal clear about my purpose and what that actually means to me and my business.

    Along with quite a few ‘Aaahh’’ moments!

    You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain by getting involved - I reallyencourage you to take that first step!

    Sam Shotter, Owner Dog + Co - Natural care for the pet you LOVE!
  • Bernadette is an essential part of my business and personal success team! Working with Bernadette helps me have a deeper understanding of my connections, clarity on my direction and alignment with all my values allowing me to pursue success with courage and confidence. Bernadette is an invaluable part of my team!

    Dr Naomi Findley, CEO Silk Home, Principal & Founder, International Institute of Home Staging
  • Beautiful Bernadette, my secret weapon! I can't thank you enough for your amazing work! You keep me calm, confident, unblocked and able to reach my potential in life and business! I love our sessions; you've got me for life!

    Jess Burchell, Arch Cosmetic Tattooing Newcastle



If you’re ready to release what’s holding you back + align to your dreams and access the clarity and confidence to move forward, then I would love to support you!

90MIN SESSION – AU$180 (New Clients)

60MIN SESSION– AU$150 (Follow Up Session)

120MIN SESSION – AU$300 (Follow Up Session)

Extra Info

Private Health Insurance Rebates are currently not available.

If you’re a business owner or your employer is paying for your session, you can claim the sessions as a business expense.

I require 24hrs notice if you wish to cancel an appointment, otherwise 50% fee is owed

Program & Online Products

I am a Creative. And I love to create products and tools to help you transform your day, your life, your YOU and bring you back to who you really are!

Workshops and Retreats

Cleanse Connect Create Workshop

In this 1 Day Workshop, I combine all that I have learnt through my Kinesiology studies, my own research, my personal growth and spiritual journey and all that I have learnt from the 1000’s of sessions I have completed with the 100’s of amazing clients, that I have been privileged to work with over the last 5 years!

Seeing so many women, just like you and I struggle with life, called me to create this workshop, to guide you through the three KEYS to unlocking all that lies within you.

Cleanse – your energetic body

Connect – to your true self

Create – the life that you desire

In the Cleanse, Connect, Create Workshop you will:

  • Understand the energetic body and how to nurture it
  • Learn to look at the world through energetic eyes
  • Develop an awareness of how external energy impacts on your energetic body, blocks flow in your life and holds you back
  • Learn ways to cleanse your energetic body
  • Understand the impact that emotional energy and limiting belief programs have on your ability to connect to your true self and create the life you desire
  • Develop skills to listen to your body and release emotions and clear sabotage programs that are holding you back in life
  • Connect to your true self and learn how to nurture and nourish that relationship with your authentic self
  • Learn the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don’ts to creating the life that you desire using the Law of Attraction – this is what ‘The Secret’ hasn’t told you!


And so importantly, you will connect with other woman, who like you, are ready for change, who want more from this life but keep getting stuck without knowing why!

Using the powerful combined energy of the group, you will come to a place of calm and balance, where you will experience ease and grace and find acceptance of yourself and excitement about where you are going in this life. You will leave the day with a sense of peace, grounded in this new, calmer, lighter and more complete version of your true YOU!

You will enjoy beautiful and delicious Organic Whole Foods and beverages for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

And you will take home a bag of unique gifts created especially for you! As well as an abundance of resources to assist you in continuing your journey back to your true self and in creating the life that you desire!

The life that you dream about!

The life that you deserve!

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