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Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

~ Albert Einstein


Emotions are simply energy that are in motion. And when your negative emotions become trapped within your energetic body, they obstruct the flow of energy and the flow of your life.

Discovering, exploring, deeply understanding and then lovingly release emotions (and associated limiting belief programs) that no longer serve you are the foundation of Emotional Energy Exchange. When energy is released, space is created. A welcomed space for Divine light energy to integrate into your being in the form of positive emotions and liberating belief programs.

At Emotional Energy Exchange, your heaviness is exchanged for lightness, your stuckness is exchanged for freedom and flow, your confusion is exchanged for clarity, your struggle is exchanged for surrender, your control is exchanged for letting go, your doubt is exchanged for trust, your fear is exchanged for courage, your anxiety is exchanged for inner peace, your anger is exchanged for calm and your hate is exchanged for love.

Your Low Vibes are exchanged for High Vibes. Your Darkness becomes Light. Your old SELF becomes your new SELF.

You Become YOU.

Who I Am

Hi There, I’m Bernadette O’Connor, a Kinesiologist, a writer, a soon to be published author, an inspirer, a guide, a dreamer, a believer and a creator. And most importantly I’m a mother, a source of profound learnings, indescribable joy and an abundance of blessings, most significant in that it guided me to Kinesiology and opened my eyes to a different way of experiencing my life and assisted me in finally finding a powerful way to truly help others.

You see, I’ve always had a passion for helping others to become the best version of themselves by finding and aligning them to their truth. But until I found Kinesiology I hadn’t quite worked out a formula that was truly effective in helping others to heal, to learn, to grow and evolve into the person they wish to be; the person who knows their truth and lives it; the person who positively contributes to the world.

I work with people who are ready for change. Those who know that it is time to honour their dreams, those who are ready to step up and take the next step in aligning to their vision of their life; whom they dream of being and what they dream of doing.

I work with both men and women, with a real passion for guiding mothers, healers, coaches, entrepreneurs and creatives along the path to the bigger vision they have for themselves, their children, their business and the world!

I assist others to clear away the struggle and overwhelm often associated with growth, through removing old blocks and reversing limiting beliefs that are holding them back from where they are heading. I align others to their dreams and goals and guide them in transforming – their day; their life; their SELF and I help them come home to who they truly are – back into their truth.

And I also work with babies, children and teens!

I strongly believe that the world is full of extraordinary little peeps who are here to do the most amazing things for our world. Yet sometimes being here isn’t so easy and life can quickly become overwhelming. And when a baby, a child or a teen is in overwhelm – regardless of how it presents – then they are not in harmony with their SELF and I see their beautiful Divine inner light dim.

And let’s face it, the world needs all the light it can get!

It is my belief that if I can help little peeps keep their light shining bright, by clearing away their blocks and bringing them back into harmony with their true SELF, with love and with life, then they will grow up knowing what it feels like to live in truth, to live from a place of harmony and to shine their light bright. And down the track, they won’t have to waste time in struggle and learning all this again, because they will know it, and they will be living it and the world will be a better place because of it.

With a strong focus on emotional energy, and a compassionate gentle approach to healing I use my experiences as a Kinesiologist, an Exercise Physiologist, a Workplace Trainer, a Mother and my own life experiences as a girl, who hasn’t always flowed through life, to support others in transforming their life with ease and grace; in raising their energy and in seeing their worth, while building their courage and confidence to take that huge leap into life, making their dreams become a reality.

If you are ready to release the old you and all that is holding you back from becoming the most authentic version of your SELF and if you are ready to shine your light in your life, in business and in the world, then I am ready and genuinely so excited to work with you!

Let’s Do This!

What I Do

As a Kinesiologist I work intimately with the energetic body, bringing it into a state of balance by accessing the bodies innate healing wisdom. Through using gentle muscle monitoring techniques, I am able to access the subconscious mind and retrieve information relating to the presenting issues, including the source of emotional disharmony, limiting beliefs as well as exactly what is needed to assist the Body, Mind and Soul to come back into harmony, thereby enabling the innate healing power of the energetic body to be activated.

Removing blocks in energy flow and restoring balance to the energetic body is the cornerstone of Kinesiology practice.

To function optimally in life, to hit your goals and to reach your dreams, your energetic body must be in a balanced state. If there are blocks in the flow of energy, then there is resistance to you moving to where you wish to go. This makes it increasingly difficult for the body to do what it does best, which is heal itself and for your inner wisdom to speak to you with clarity.

You can find out more about Kinesiology here.

As a Kinesiologist I am an expert in exploring the deep emotional energy that is creating misalignment in the energetic body and struggle for people as they experience life.

I love exploring the deep inner workings of people and assisting them to understand their life and their challenges both from the past and in the present. I have a special knack for connecting the pieces of information that the body communicates to me through muscles testing, so that the picture of what is causing the disharmony within the SELF becomes really clear.

The message becomes really clear.

The pathway to growth becomes really clear.

And the healing happens!


I assist the energy body to release emotional blocks, held within the Conscious Self, the Subconscious Self and the Soul Self. This alters the individuals state of energetic balance and brings them into alignment with their truth which allows them to move into a space where they are able to move forward with their life and move closer to connecting back to their true SELF.

I like to say that I bring people HOME to who they really are.

But I also say, ‘You Have To Do Your Work!’

Sometimes this journey into SELF and the creation of the dream life is challenging and I love to stand by my clients and hold their hand in those times when they just can’t break through it themselves!

It is such an incredibly beautiful role to play!

But one that only works if the individual is open and ready to play their part!

The misalignment to truth manifests in many ways and my clients often present with a diverse array of issues, from physical injuries and ill-health, to allergies or extreme sensitivities, to anxiety and depression, to relationship issues, to financial struggles and business challenges.

Yet when I am working with my clients, what I am seeing is beyond the presenting issue, for that is just a manifestation of an imbalance within the energetic body. That is just a way for the individual to be reminded or awakened to the fact that in some way or another they are not in alignment with their truth.

Most people that I work with, are either directly or indirectly, asking for my assistance in bringing them into a state of inner peace and calm, the inner peace and calm that can only come from being in alignment with the TRUE SELF. Because when you are living in Truth, it tends to flow and the ability to manifest the life that you truly dream of becomes incredibly powerful!

I have worked with hundreds of clients and completed thousands of Kinesiology treatments during the last four years, including both traditional face to face sessions and Skype sessions with clients located all around the world.

My work has evolved significantly over the last four years and I now work on a deep and powerful level, in so many more ways than just working in one: one sessions with my clients.

I now support many more people who are seeking change within themselves and their life, through my online programs and products, intensive programs, workshops and in 2017 my first retreat.

I love taking my unique healing gifts into my workshops where I teach, guide and inspire others to nurture and nourish their energetic SELF so that they are empowered to come home to who they really are and to create the life that they desire.

I am also a creator.

I love to create tools that can help other people to learn about Emotional Energy and how to clear away their own blocks to bring calmness, clarity and confidence into their life. My own ‘Energetic Self Care’ toolkit is extensive and I endeavour to share it with others so that it may be able to bring harmony into their day to day life, just as I have been able to in mine.

Take a peek over on my Take Me Home page to see some of the beautiful tools I have already created for you!

And I write.

I write because it is therapeutic for me.

It is good for my Soul.

It is my Soul Medicine!

Yet I know that my writing is not for me alone. I write to inspire others. In sharing my own experiences and learnings, as well as those of my clients, I know that there is always someone out there, who is needing to hear the words that I am guided to pen at any given time.

I know that through my words, a seed can be planted into the heart and mind of someone reading them, someone who needs to hear those words. And all it takes is a seed, to grow into something beautiful and to create an extraordinary change in a person’s life. And if I am able to plant that seed with the words that I write, then I will never stop writing the words that come to me.

It is a subtle, yet powerful creator of change.

And that is what I do.

I create change.

And I am Blessed to Do It In My Own Unique Way.

What if I fall? Oh my darling. What if you fly?

~ Erin Hansen

My Qualifications

Certificate IV Kinesiology (Professional Kinesiology Practitioner)

Advanced Theta Healing Certificate

Bachelor of Exercise Science (University of Wollongong)

Graduate Diploma Science, Occupational Health & Safety (University of Wollongong)

Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment

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  • I wish I could better express in words the positive, life-changing results that have come from seeing Bernadette. Anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level, but feel they have old "stuff" holding them back, will benefit so much. You'll feel as if you're finally free from the past, allowing you to move forward feeling "lighter", clearer, more aware and ready to embrace your true purpose. Bernadette has a gift that has changed my life. If everyone on earth could have just one session with Bernadette the world would be a better place ... If you can have one session with her, then your world will be a better place xx

    Tara O’Connell, Founder & Director The Baby Diaries Pty Ltd

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