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Keeping It Raw and Real

If you like it real and raw then read on! Like many others, I often share photos on social media of my children, and of me sharing a beautiful moment…

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Finding ME

As she lay curled in the foetal position, she murmured the words ‘I cannot do this anymore. I cannot get out of bed. I have nothing left’. Her confused and…

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Are You Allowing?

Are You Allowing? At some point, you just have to choose to stop struggling and fighting with this life that you have been gifted and allow yourself to be supported…

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What If I Fall? Oh My Darling. What If You Fly?

~ Erin Hanson

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  • Bernadette is my ‘go to girl’ when I am feeling stuck. Whether it is in my relationships, my business or just within myself. I know when I am feeling like this, Bernadette can help me identify where these blocks are coming from, even if it is from my childhood, my ancestors or even past lives! Even though I don’t always understand what is going on, on one level, on some other level, everything always makes so much sense. And because of this, I am better able to understand my behaviours and why I am getting stuck in the way that I am.
    As the energy blocks are shifted, I have a much greater awareness of myself and where my old thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are coming from and so I am in a much better position to create massive changes in how I live my life and come back to my true self. The alignment to my goals that comes from Bernadette shifting energy makes these life changes so much easy to do and means that I can live my life so much more authentically – and that feels really good.
    To say a session with Bernadette is life changing is an understatement. From my experience, my sessions with Bernadette have been life defining!

    Deborah, Sydney
  • I remember going into my first session with Bernadette feeling tired, stressed and so frustrated with myself. I knew I had stuff going on but I just couldn’t figure it out on my own. It’s been such a relief to realise that I don’t have to do it alone: Bernadette takes everything I unload and makes sense of it. What I love most is how understanding and accepting she is. Her peaceful consulting room is definitely a judgement-free zone. I walk out feeling lighter, brighter and back to my normal self. I really look forward to our sessions: they bring me so much relief, clarity and peace.

    Katie Ryan, Fertility Mentor
  • I choose to work with Bernadette, because it is a gift to myself. Bernadette somehow allows the true me, the authentic me to come out. She does this by allowing my energy to flow freely and frees me from the perception others have of me, as well as how I perceive myself to be. Bernadette helps me to break free from anyone and anything that is standing in the way of being my true self and with this, I allow myself to find my true happiness.

    Louise, Newcastle
  • I started seeing Bernadette to help deal with my grief after my niece passed away. Instead of being lost in the shock, the loss and the overwhelming 'why?' Bernadette helped me identify the emotions, the feelings and the events that I was struggling the most with and help me to start to heal.
    It didn't take long for me to realise that along with my grief I was harbouring a lot of issues from past life experiences and situations that I had pushed aside and never 'dealt' with. These were impacting on my daily life and my ability to heal on so many levels.
    I have worked very closely with Bernadette and having to finally face my 'baggage' has not been an easy experience, but it has been an experience full of healing, amazing growth and life changing moments. I had buried memories and feelings of so many events and experiences in my life that I didn't want to deal with, that I thought I didn't have to deal with and I honestly thought I could 'live' without ever having to deal with them.
    I have since realised that I could have existed for the rest of my life with these energetic blockages but in order to live the life I was put on this earth to live I needed to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-healing and personal growth. I could never have done this without Bernadette and Kinesiology.
    I am not the same person I was a year ago, and for that I am truly thankful. I will always have more work to do on myself but I am now able to face my fears, express my emotions and acknowledge my life lessons in a way I could never do. It has been a journey back to my true self and I can honestly say that working with Bernadette has been and will continue to be life changing.

    Kylie, Hunter Valley
  • I don’t know anyone else who is living and working as authentically as Bernadette. Bernadette makes me feel like she truly wants to help me overcome whatever obstacles are holding me back from becoming the best ‘ME’ I am meant to be. When working with my daughter, Bernadette validated her and made her feel that it is OK to be who she is, when for the longest time she had been so scared to allow her authentic self to be seen. I truly believe that Bernadette stopped my daughter from heading down a dark road and turned her around and left her believing that who she was, was perfectly OK. I am forever grateful for her helping me and my family.

    Christina, Sydney

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